We are a team of experienced designers, technologists and strategists driven by passion to build awesome experiences with focus on great design and simplicity.

LeoDEAZ (A Group of LMIPHL) stands tall amongst its peers by offering customers the dynamic combination of design and technology that boosts business with decided economic advancement. We believe in sharing our knowledge and do not hesitate to welcome the new thoughts from our clients. The more we interact, the better we understand the needs of our clients. Thus a collaborative approach forms an important part of the value that we deliver to our clients.

We are user experience driven design consultants who can explore with passion and dedication to find out feasible solutions for any given problem in our interest area based on a strong R&D.

Our forte

We not only feel responsive with our clients but also with their users, who play a key role in delivering great experiences. Though our approach is holistic, we believe in customizing the solutions.




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